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Angel as an… angel?

Mentions: @RoqueBlackwood @PrayerofGod

It all happened to fast. I’ve been a demon succubus for the last few centuries. 

I woke up as a succubus demon who was owned by Satan and @RoqueBlackwood then by the end of the day, I was laying in @PrayerofGod’s bed, healing from all my sins and demonic skin being ripped away as my angelic skin began healing over my body. He took me into the sky as he blessed me with a soul; thus my body began it’s transformation.

By mid-afternoon the next day, my beautiful, white wings appeared on my back. The downy texture was wonderful. Catching myself in the mirror I was shocked to how stunning I appeared to be as an angel. It wasn’t vanity I was seeing, it was pureness, wholeness… something I’ve never had nor seen. 

Soon Selaphiel joined me by the window. We took our first flight out over Heaven. He showed me around, pointed out different places and landmarks. I had no idea Heaven was like this. Once I was here, it was as if I had always been here. I only woke up and finally saw it. 

Next is figuring out where I fit in up here. Everyone has their own specialty in powers. As a human I was a pour farmers daughter, but had compassion for my people. As a demon, I was lust; pure and simple. Is there somewhere in between? Probably not; however if I were a betting woman, I would bet on becoming an angel of compassion. *nods lots*

Eventually we ventured back to Selaphiel’s bed chambers where he offered to bathe me. Feeling nervous about this, I realized there was nothing to be nervous about. He was my savior but also my equal, my life mate. 

Without going into too much detail, we made love that evening. It was the most remarkable, passionate, magnificent and beautiful experience I could ever remember having in my entire existence. He touched every bit of me with his love.

He is mine and I am his. Forever. 

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